Creditinfo Reports Facts not Rumours

Important NOTICE regarding the reporting of data facts and why not all data qualify for inclusion in our reports.

Understand our data:

  • Data Protection

Creditinfo employs important resources in order to verify positive and negative data received from its clients and collected from other sources.

All data is compiled and processed in line with current Data Protection legislation and advisories issued by the Data Commissioner.


  • Data Verification

Despite the challenges faced while verifying data, we believe that our clients deserve to get high quality verified information, more than just data. Having too much data makes it difficult to sort out key data from less useful data.

This means that not all data collected will be relevant and/or displayed.

We use specialised data mining tools and statistical analysis to ensure we deliver key data to our clients not big data. Data sources are verified against official sources and cross referenced with our own database to ensure the data integrity and relevance.


  • Procedures

We have procedures such as sending our Pressure Letters to possible debtors, for better transparency and data accuracy.

We will also be introducing a new procedure, whereby we will send reminders to clients to update us on data provided regarding negative defaults reported, increasing correctness and level of accuracy.


  • Help

We at Creditinfo pride ourselves on our data integrity. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query related to our data verification and processes.

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