Free Starter Pack

As a special promotion we are giving away a Free Starter Pack with some of our proven debt collection/prevention tools, to help you start collecting what is due to you, or minimise the risk of increasing more bad debts.

Each pack contains:

  • 1 Sheet of 4 Statement Stickers
  • 1 Bounced Cheque Display
  • Bills of Exchange Pack (of 25)

(A description of what these are and how they can be used, can be found in the FAQs below)

All you need to do is fill in the form below*.

*Terms and Conditions: only 1 starter pack per company


The following is a list of frequently asked questions about our Debt Collection Tools.  Here we explain how our easy-to-use Debt Collection Tools can help you get paid quicker and recover outstanding debt, in a less costly and time consuming way.


How can I recover money owed to me?

You can make use of the different debt collection tools provided by Creditinfo throughout the process of chasing your outstanding debt in order to minimize your bad debts risk.

What are debt collection tools?

Debt collection tools, are there to help assist companies to get paid quicker and recover outstanding debt.

Why use debt collection tools?

Debt collection tools can be used to recover what is owed to you using an alternative means other than methods that can be costly, time consuming and may harm your relationship with your customer.

What payment tools do Creditinfo Malta offer?

Creditinfo Malta offers a variety of proven debt collection tools, designed to deliver quick and effective results, enabling companies to maintain a healthy cash flow position. Tools available include Notification letters known as ‘Pressure Letters’, Statement Stickers, Bills of Exchange, Bounced Cheque Displays and our Debt Collection service.

What are Pressure Letters?

Pressure Letters are notification letters sent to companies/individuals who owe you money, stating that unless payment is made within 14 days, the subject concerned will be listed on Creditinfo’s defaulting debtors’ database. This database is accessed by banks and other credit service providers, as a main resource tool, to determine the trustworthiness of a company / individual.

Pressure Letters are our most popular debt collection tool. They are a very effective alternative way of collecting money owed to you, or as a last resort before taking legal action.

What are Statement Stickers?

Statement Stickers are a bright visual adhesive label used in statements or overdue invoices, that will replace your ‘Overdue Please Settle’ notice, achieving greater impact, with proven results.

What are Bills of Exchange?

Creditinfo’s Bills of Exchange are a powerful tool used for informal transactions to help small businesses avoid getting post-dated cheques and reach new payment plans or instalment agreements.

What are Bounced Cheque Displays?

A Bounced Cheques display is a forewarning laminated notice used in outlets to inform customers that bounced cheques are to be reported to Creditinfo and added to the defaulting debtors’ database.

What is Debt Collection?

Our professional Debt Collection service is aimed at debts deemed unrecoverable after unsuccessful attempts to collect them. Pressure is made to recover such debts, in a professional manner while preserving a positive customer relationship at every stage. This service may lead to legal proceedings.

Can I use these tools to recover any debt owed to me?

These debt collection tools can be used for debts owed or aimed to prevent debts, of a civil nature, and not exceeding 5 years.

What information do I need to provide to make use of debt collection tools?

As a subscriber, most of the tools require documentation proving the debt is truly owed, such as contracts, invoices or similar.

Can I recover a debt from outside Malta?

Yes, in presence of the documentation needed, you can make use of the Pressure Letters and the Debt Collection Service.

How do I choose which tools to use?

All tools have proved to be very effective and successful in collecting money owed. The preferred tool would depend on the type of debt owed. Some tools can be used simultaneously.

Should you require any more information on our Debt Collection Tools, our team is more than happy to assist you in choosing the best tools to retrieve your debt, in a quick, efficient and professional manner.