How It Works

Our database is accessed by subscription and is designed to match our client’s needs.

The information is presented in an easy to read format through which clients can easily search for the required information to facilitate a more detailed and better decision-making process helping businesses reduce the amount of commercial risk they may venture to take.

The information contained in the reports is regularly updated and compiled from various public and private sources including the Electoral Registry and Law Courts, all in strict compliance with the data protection laws.

How can you benefit?

Our products are based on the Know Your Customer concept and that eliminates the fear of trading blindly with local and international companies or even individuals. It helps answers the questions you should be asking such as:

  • Who am I dealing with?
  • Should I offer credit terms?
  • What credit terms should I give?
  • Will I get my goods I paid for?
  • Will I get my money back?

Information Available

  • ID Numbers: Check for the authenticity of the ID Number to prevent ID fraud
  • Addresses: Verify whether the address is the official residential address or otherwise
    VAT Numbers: Verify the VAT number of the individual, if he/she is VAT registered
  • Defaulting Debts: Gives an insight of the paying habits of the individual
  • Involvements: Shows whether an individual holds equity in locally registered companies
  • Inquiries: Displays number of inquiries made on an individual during last 6 months