Leading Provider of Global Business Data

Dun & Bradstreet is the leading provider of global business data information for risk management with a global coverage of over 200 countries and a highly sophisticated database on over 225 million companies worldwide such as Dun & Bradstreet Risk Evaluation, Credit Limit, Ownership, Negative Public Records, Financials, Bankruptcy, and Liquidation.linked across 209 countries. Dun & Bradstreet International Reports include in-depth business analysis information on foreign businesses.

These reports are available in one-off or in bundles according to clients’ needs, enabling them to trade more securely in the international market.

What are the main benefits of International Reports?

  • Reducing the risks when working with overseas partners.
  • Decision making: How to check if it is an authentic partner.
  • Understanding origins abroad: companies may have a complicated system of partners and shareholders.
  • International business reports from trusted information provider.
  • Providing an easy access to the international business information.
  • For regular users – access to web interface for requesting your own reports.
  • Packages of reports through local customer service in your country.